Climbing for Beginners Tips

Activities of mountain climbing is a challenging adventure. People will have their own sense of satisfaction when it got to the top of the mountain and see the beauty of the crater of the mountain range. Here are tips for mountain climbing:

General Tips:
– Make sure you let others know before going. Where and Rinjani Trekking when the plan you will be back.If there is anything they would know and give information to the distinguished authorities.

– Prepare yourself as best as possible. You need to know the geographical map that will you climb the mountain. Animals and plants of any kind that existed there. Anyway you should mempeajari environment around the mountain so that you know what supplies and tools aja ye must take.

– Use your instincts. If getting lost before proceeding please remember 2-way journey. Kalu tired of resting. If you’re hungry find something edible.

– Wish luck. If you read the stories of survival famous people, they usually push themselves to the limit tk unexpected reply. Do not be pessimistic about the ability to survive.

– On a mountain dg dense forest that is difficult for you to figure toward your goal. Climb a tree as high as possible in order to see the scenery in the distance. If there are parts of the forest that appears to be lower than usual in the vicinity there is a river or the local village.

– In the mountains you do not just run like longer walks in the mall. Look around you.Tripping stone or a tree branch holding the wrong can make you hurt.

– In the mountain do not waste energy hunting animals. Many types of plants that you can eat. Then preparations such as the above points are very important.

– Dahan and fallen trees are the number one killer in the woods. Then establish an open tent in place.

Select Items That Can Function Dual
In selecting the items to be carried away mountain climbing are always looking for tools / equipment that double, especially if the goal is not to lighten the weight that you need to carry. Example: Aluminum foil can be used for replacement plates can be used for wrapping rice leftovers to eat later, and that is important can be folded up does not take place in keril.

much as possible mattress stored in keril if it will go to the location of the forest was dense, or if it will open a new climbing lane. Many fellow mountaineers who prefer to tie the mattress outside, it looks nice, but if it has been on the ascent, we feel that this method results in a mattress often stuck to tree trunks and tall shrubs, and moreover at the time will be used dirty mattress.

Plastic bags
Always have a plastic bag in your backpack, as it will be useful later for example for the trash that you need to bring down the mountain, the wet clothes and so forth.

Always use a plastic bag to organize the items in your keril (can be divided into groups of clothes, food and other items), to facilitate if at any time you wish to choose clothes, food etc.

Clothing store
If you doubt keril you use waterproof or not, always wrap your clothes in a plastic bag, the point that the clothes were not wet and humid.
We recommend the dirty clothes are separated in a separate bag and not mixed with clean clothes

Storing Food
In the mountains (eg Mount Rinjani) try the food wrapped in plastic and sealed then put in keril, because the monkeys near the top / last base camp like unpacking the tent to search for food.

Lighter store Bars
Keep matches your bullion in a former movie (photo), that matches you always dry.

Packing Goods / Develop Goods On Backpacks
Always keep the heaviest items at the top, the point of order at the time of keril used, the heaviest burden is on your shoulders and not on your waist to facilitate foot step while climbing the mountain as well as down time later.

Closet Or Underwear Model Minimalist

Need ‘ll furniture a home not only to a mere convenience, but we can also make as decorative media in beautifying the interior of a dwelling, as will be discussed this time is about choosing a model of a wardrobe or better known as the wardrobe which has a minimalist model that fits perfectly in place on occupancy that has limited or narrow space.


In general, the wardrobe contained in the bedroom, but in fact there are some people who put it on the area outside the room or if we often watch the show infotainment celebrities they already provide a special room to store a collection of clothes they have and if we look at the kind of model of a closet No wardrobe 2 door, 3-door wardrobe and of the manner in open no drag and no wardrobe sliding doors.

In choosing a wardrobe or clothes we have, both in terms of materials used and in determining the design for residential us, therefore  will give some tips on choosing a wardrobe or clothes.

Tips for Choosing Wardrobe

  • Size

In choosing a wardrobe should we not choose the models and design considerations alone, but note also the size of the room that we have to be more appropriate.

  • material

Choose a wardrobe that has resistant to termite attack so it is more durable and long lasting. as one of the recommendations you could choose teak wardrobe in addition to already tested also has a more elegant models that give the impression of luxury.

  • Color

Color is one of the elements both for furniture beautifying themselves or for rooms in tempatinya, choose a color that matches the color of your walls.

  • design

Design becomes one of the things that is important in building the aesthetic beauty of a home interior design choose a wardrobe fit the theme that you take

  • Price

Price became one of the important things in choosing a furniture and not just choose the wardrobe but for other types of furniture, to be underlined or choose furniture solely based on cost alone but must be durable and long lasting.

OK once we know a few things to note in choosing wardrobe or clothes, it is time Om berlin ( will give a few examples of models wardrobe very sweet in place for a minimalist concept.

Sample Image Minimalist Wardrobe





Basically the concept of minimalist shelter that has the characteristics of simple and functionalist therefore furniture in use has a design that is simple yet beautiful and elegant, that was a few examples of models wardrobe minimalist that you can make a reference, hopefully this article can certainly helpful for all readers.

15 Benefits of Lime for Health and Beauty

Lime is one type of variation of citrus fruits which we are familiar. Lime has outstanding characteristics compared with other citrus, both of shape until it feels.

Maybe some people already know this is citrus taste very sour. But behind the sourness of lemon tremendous benefit.


Composition Lime

1. Micronutrient

Orange juice contains Vitamin C which many in 1 cup of orange juice is known to contain 73 milligrams of Vitamin C. apart Vic C Orange juice also contain other micronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B.

2. Mineral content

Minerals contained in citrus Nipis include potassium, iron, copper, and calcium. The types of minerals that each has a vital function in the body

3. The content of flavonoids

Flavonoids are pigment that gives color. known orange juice is rich in flavonoids, which serves as a very powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are helping protect your body from free radicals.

4. Macronutrients, Fiber and Calories

In 1 cup of lemon juice contains a lot of 1 gram of protein, 0.17 grams of total fat. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration The content of between 2% are based on a diet of 2,000 calories per day.

Lime For health benefits

1. Treating Diabetes

In citrus fruits known contain very high in soluble fiber, it is certainly very useful to regulate the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream and reduce the high blood sugar is greatly feared by diabetics.

2. Prevent Cancer

The second benefit of this is the fruit of lime one alternative or prevention of cancer can be regarded as one of the solutions lower the risk of cancers such as stomach, colon and leukemia.

Know lime contains liminoid which serves as a means destroyer of cancer cells and also acts counteract free radicals that occur in the body that occurs due consume green tea.

3. Healthy kidneys

According to some researches state that many drinking water will nourish the kidneys. But the thing to note is that not all types of data health kidney water.

Health experts advise even in medical science to diligently consume or drink lemon juice.

Orange juice contains citric acid that can prevent the binding process conducted by other minerals such as calcium.

If this is allowed then it will happen a terrible impact and are usually referred to as kidney stones.

4. Treating Fever

Vitamin C contained in citrus juice can be used as a drug to reduce the heat.

Some doctors in the US states that if heat illness is not too high then it is advisable to mengosumsi orange juice or lime. And if it can not be cured with orange juice then taken to hospital.

5. Hypertension

Lemon is a fruit that contains a lot of potassium so when dikkosumsi diligently then be supplying potassium into the body that is needed to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

It also can reduce disease kardiovaskulas that is by working activate blood circulation in the body.


Tips to Buy Used Cars, Beware of Fraud It

Used cars have become an alternative choice for people who want to get a car at an affordable price. Indeed the price is cheaper than buying it in new condition. However, buying a used car also has risks. If not observant, consumers could be trapped by unscrupulous tactics irresponsible.

In buying a used car , there are some tips that promo nissan bandung can be applied. One way is to look at the condition of the car thoroughly. In addition, there it is equally important to be aware of.When offered a used car for miles down upon by the seller, you should be suspicious. For many traders circumvent kilometers to be low. The goal is clear, to gain more profits.

“Kilometer low it was a trick to get a higher price, this must be wary of. There is a car that is already four years old but still not passing kilometer of 15,000 or 20,000. Logically this is not possible, so it is not easy to immediately trust, “explains Halomoan Fischer, Chief Operating Officer Mobil88, quoted from page Otomania.

Keep in mind, cheating unscrupulous traders to circumvent the odometer mileage on the car to be the case most frequently encountered, especially when used car sales are on the rise. Such cases are compounded by the existence of new cars are adopting digital odometer that is claimed to be easier to be reset.


“The more easily now, that everything is all-digital. They are quite researching through the system from a computer without disassembling parts speedometer, “said Fischer.

How to reset by using a computer system on a digital odometer is considered more difficult to detect than the manual model. Because the process does not need to unpack the speedometer, so it does not leave marks congkelan or something.

Thus tips on buying a used car that is mandatory for you to watch. If they lay on the matter, do not hesitate to ask for help relatives or friends who are more expert in this field.

10 Function Sunlight for Plants

The sun is the energy source for all living beings in the world, especially as the sun is a source of infinite energy. Human beings need sunlight for drying processes, such as drying clothes, as a means of recovery such as health care for people with asthma to bask in the sun, as an energy source by converting solar power into electricity and so forth.

Animals also need sunlight to warm the body, digesting food and helps the absorption of calcium in. plants, need sunlight for growth. Without the sun, the plant will be thin and not very fertile. In fact, in certain plants of sunlight helped in the formation of interest even without the help of fertilizers. Thus, the sun proved to have many benefits for the plant.


What are the benefits of sunlight for plants? In more detail, the following is an explanation of the function of sunlight for plants:

the benefits of sunshine in the morning

1. Warms seed

Let us take for example the sunflower. In most plants, Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages including sunflowers will adapt to the direction of the sunlight. In other words, sunflower and these plants will gravitate toward the sun. Then to whether these plants are leaning toward the sunlight? Motion plants that face of the sun light is called phototropism motion. Phototropism motion occurs as the adaptation of plants to get more sun light so that more leverage in the process of photosynthesis to produce nutrients and energy. In the case of sunflower, motion phototropism has another function, namely to warm the seeds. Decay will occur when the seed was always in humid conditions, so it will always need sunlight.

2. Dry land

In some plants, such as sunflowers, sunlight is very beneficial in the breeding process. In this case, sunlight is needed in the process of drying the soil. Thus, sunflower seed that falls to the dry ground will flourish. However, this does not mean that sunflower seeds can not be grown in moist soil. Sunflower seeds still can grow in moist soil, but will quickly wither and die.

3. Photosynthesis

In the reaction of photosynthesis, green leafy plants with chlorophyll absorbs sunlight. The sunlight is used to help the process of chemical plants produce glucose (sugar). Sugar is then used to form other organic compounds such as cellulose but used as a base material which is then converted into protein and fats as food for plants. The result of photosynthesis is then circulated to all parts of the plant to breathe, breed, grow, and the rest is stored as a backup food. This will be stored food reserves in the roots, tubers, fruits and seeds. In the process of photosynthesis, and the plant produces waste products in the form of oxygen that is used by humans to breathe.

However, what about the plants with leaf color other than green, such as red, yellow, brown? Is this plant can not photosynthesize to produce food? Whether or not depends on the plant photosynthesis pigment green leaves, but contingent upon chlorophyll. All plants have chlorophyll, but not all green plants. There are plants that have chlorophyll but leafy red, brown, yellow and other.(read: the function of leaves in plants )

4. Assist the growth of sprouts

Sprouts that lack of sunlight will grow tall, thin, dry and pale yellow leaves and thin. Instead, the sprouts are exposed to light will grow shorter, lush, green leaves are thick and meaty as can more leverage in the process of photosynthesis to produce energy and nutrients.



Benefits Lemon Face and Diet

Lime is one type of citrus fruit that is not foreign to our ears. The little sour taste it contains a lot of vitamin C than other citrus fruits. The benefits of lime is very much for the body, because lime can solve many health problems body to face health problems. In fact, the lime is safe for use as a treatment outside and inside.


Benefits Lemon Face and Diet

Well, here are six benefits that can be drawn from lime to health.

1. Overcoming digestive problems

The content of vitamin C and minerals in lime juice is very good for digestive health. Lime can solve problems with digestion disorders, such as constipation or other digestive problems. In addition, lime can relieve indigestion problems by drinking lemon juice daily routine.

2. Beautify faces

In addition to good digestion, lime is also good for the beauty of the face. The benefits of lime to facevery many of them can cope with oily skin and can get rid of pimples on the face. Not only that, lime can also make the skin become white glow.

3. Coping with ulcer

Lime acidic it can cope with an ulcer. Acid in lemon juice is alkaline so that it can balance the stomach acid. To overcome heartburn, you need to consume lemon water regularly every day at least twice a day.

4. Help the diet

Orange juice is also very good to help the diet. The benefits of lemon juice to the diet can help break down fat in the body and in the blood. Fat that accumulates in the drum can be destroyed with lemon.Lime is very well taken by you who are doing a diet. You can make this lemon juice as a beverage companion lunch and dinner.

5. Prevent Cancer

The content of vitamin C and antioxidants are also high in lime juice can prevent cancer in the body.Every day you are at risk for cancer, whether it’s skin cancer or other cancers. By eating a lemon, you can eliminate free radicals in the body and prevent cancer.

6. Troubleshooting throat

Other benefits of lime that can cope with throat problems. Lime is very effective to relieve sore throat and solve problems with the mouth, such as canker sores, bad breath, and gum bleeding or swelling.Lime can meet the needs of vitamin C in the body.

6 In addition to the above benefits, there are very many benefits of lemon for the body. The lime juice is very good to be consumed every day. But remember, drinking lime should not overheat because it can reduce vitamin C in the lemon. Should drink cold lemon. It is nice warm lemon juice, but the vitamin C in lime juice chilled more than warm lemon juice, especially when hot.

5 Tips for Choosing Hair Style Boy

Hairstyles boys if seen look from year to year the actual shape has not changed much. Some haircut end always fit to face the boy we were super adorable. But there is also a cut looks meticulous but when we look to be impressed mediocre even not at all good for a boy.

tips on choosing a hair style boy

it turns out, there are specific tips in hairstyles for toddlers choosing a hairstyle for the boy to make it look cool.The following tips.

1. Select Model Simple

Look,! Face your children. Especially you are having a boy. They were the more amusing when they look like a small child. Especially with their innocence and their spontaneous behavior typical of children. Do not get rid of their innocence by choosing a hairstyle weird or too.

Simply select their hair model tad simple course. This will make them look childish. Is not nothing more adorable than seeing them with their hairstyles are simple. Let’s face it plain that they stand out and cool, Mom.

2. Select Most Suitable with Boy Your Face Shape

There are many boys hairstyle that you can choose. Choose the one that best matches the shape of the face of your son. Similarly, when you choose a model for your own hair. You already know what the right haircut that matches the shape of a person’s face.

If the trouble still relies look for pictures of the boys that you think is funny and has a similar shape with your child’s face. Then select which one you consider to have a hair style that suits the shape of your child’s face. Recently stayed executed by passing it to cutting hair.

3. Customize your character Boy

Every child is born with a unique and individual character. As a parent of course you better know how the character of your son. This will allow you to choose the most fitting hairstyle with your son. For example, for a shy child, he never chose mohawk haircut or a model edge list.

It will not make your child become more confident but on the contrary become increasingly embarrassed by the hair which he does not like himself. Additionally, hair pieces that do not fit with the character of the child will only make him seem strange. Make children appear with no natural or visible force.

4. Imagine Haircuts your choice in your Son

This is the latest tips in determining boy hairstyle which are the most suitable or appropriate to your child. The easiest way is by imagining. Imagine a boy haircut you in a few hairstyles that you chose. A variety of hairstyles that you think might be suitable to be a hair model your son.

With you imagine it would be easier to choose the hairstyle that you would choose for your son. If so, time to take her to the salon or barber shop subscription your husband. Usually cutting men’s hair will be more astute hair cut boy also because it was used. This will minimize the possibility of failure or mismatch of what you want to realization.

5. Prepare Photo Model Desired Hair Style 

To minimize the possibility of failure, it’s best to prepare in case a photo model style hair boy you want. Thus, cutting the hair will be easier to through his work. The result would not only satisfy you but also make your son look even more adorable. Who does not want his son exactly cool with his new hair,?

How To Organize Garden Home House

Reforming Gardens is a fun activity for you lovers of the environment neat and plant lovers. in order to make the home page is full of beautiful and healthy for its occupants greening, beautifying gardens to the home page itself, is a very interesting thing for us saying. who would not want to have a garden neat order winsome in view ?. Of course, for those of you who have a hobby of Vegetable Garden Design Idea managing the home page. possible way Reforming Gardens Home Houses may be slightly inspire you,

Reforming Parks Tiny at home

There are some things we need to consider first before we begin our discussion of the topic How to Organize Gardens Home Home, Here are things to note:

– Land, the most important thing to note in advance in order to create the ideal home front garden.

– If you buy plants or flowers to your yard gardens, do not just pick one crop only, you can add different types of plants, so that your garden looks varied and not monotonous. Then, place the various types of plants in one group and organize them with attractive as possible to fit your taste.

– Avoid putting rows of closely spaced between each other. Give me some little distance so that the plant does not look cramped and less eye effect in view.

– In order not to spend a lot badget terlau, you should not need to use plants that are too expensive, as an alternative it would be nice in the Tanami with plants or flowers are beneficial for us as residents, such as making the garden into a living pharmacy, or used as a live kitchen.


Creating beauty of the front garden of your house, not only will make the eyes so cool, but also be comfortable in the hearts and mind of the beholder. Each person does have different views in defining beauty, but with the differences in perception that is the way the arrangement of gardens on the home page so more unique and diverse types. Let us discuss more deeply the topic How to Organize Gardens Home House , either do not have a longer length pleasantries following are the steps to reality:

1 Planting lasting throughout the year
After the flowers are blooming in your garden, then there will be no other than the view of the green color in your garden. Try to plant some evergreen bushes. such plants

2 Get rid of weeds by mulching
Mulching is covering materials plant that serves to maintain soil moisture and suppress weed growth. You can get mulch from gardening stores. Before applying mulch, you could shut down the land on a blank line between plants with small rips newspaper.

3 For additional accessories you can add a small pool in the middle of the park
Nothing wrong with you try to apply it in your private garden. Make a small fish pond in the middle of the garden with a fountain is also able to give the impression of a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to the look.

4 Let a few weeds grow
you can experiment to let weeds grow in your garden. But remember, do not be a dominant weed plants in the garden. If you do not like this idea, you can also grow plants instead of flowers to beautify the garden arrangements, such as moss, evergreen shrubs and ferns.

5 Fence garden area usually serves to protect the plants in it from the hands of ignorant animals or humans.But there is no harm in designing a fence with a larger size, or you can also make a fence of woven bamboo to make it look more natural then planted a few vines that can wrap onto the surface of the fence.

6 And finally, Maintain your pocket in order not to issue a very high badget to mrnciptakan pages of beautiful, do not have a lot of capital out important case in terms of cleanliness and tidiness in arranging the plants.

How?? Easy enough right in its implementation, let’s try to create an environment around our homes to be healthy and beneficial, so enough way Arrange Gardens Home.

23 Amazing Benefits of Ginger Body For Health

Ginger or Zingiber officinale Latin is one of the root plants are popular for use as a spice and as a medicine. Rhizome shaped fingers at the knuckles bulging middle. The dominant taste spicy ginger caused by compounds called ketones zingeron. The benefits of ginger can be used to be used as body warmers. Especially in cold weather or moderate continuous rain. It is suitable for taking ginger so that the body becomes warmer. Ginger is also often made ​​as wedang that can be used to warm the body. Here are the benefits of ginger.

benefits of ginger

benefits of Ginger

Blood circulation

The first benefits of ginger is blood circulation. Gingerol contained in ginger is an anticoagulant that prevents blood clotting. By preventing the clogging of blood vessels is a major cause of stroke and heart attack.


Ginger extract useful for those who often experience abdominal bloating and pain. Ginger can be used to treat digestive problems and irritable bowel.

treating migraines

In a study suggests ginger may stop prostaglandins, the prostaglandins which is one of the causes of headache. Thus, ginger can to reduce migraines or headaches.

Fever and cough

Gingerol in ginger previously described can aid blood circulation, gingerol content can also be used to reduce fever and cough. Consuming ginger means suppressing the onset of side effects such as that contained in the content of chemical drugs.

Preventing potbelly

By consuming ginger regularly and before eating can prevent bloated stomach. Because ginger beneficial to smooth metabolism and digestion. Given an increase in the metabolism of the impact will accelerate the burning of calories and flatten the stomach distended.

Lowering blood pressure

Ginger can to stimulate the release of adrenaline and also widens the blood vessels, which can cause the blood to flow more smoothly and more quickly, and can ease the work of the heart in pumping blood.

Lose weight

Ginger, as mentioned above that ginger can dilate the blood vessels that burn calories into body heat and ginger contains very little calories contained, so it does not contribute to weight increase. Consuming ginger by making wedang every day to maintain the health and metabolism.

Treating toothache

Painful gums and sore tooth can also be prevented by drinking ginger water. This is because ginger is an antifungal and antibacterial.

Prevent irregular menstrual cycles

Benefits of ginger ones can be helpful to keep the regularity of the menstrual cycle for women. In the land of China, for example, which is then mixed with ginger brown sugar in tea is widely consumed to relieve cramps during menstruation.

Creating a mighty body

Compounds that are there that are inklamasi ginger. This is certainly effective in terms of building the muscles in the body such as muscles in the arms. Based on a study that can be concluded by consuming ginger regularly and routinely can help to reduce pain that occurs in muscles caused by excessive physical exercise.

As an acne medication

In a previous study suda conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center, to assist in preventing acne on the skin is recommended to consume ginger maximum of 4 g / day. Because if too far in taking ginger can cause side effects such as mules, irritation, and diarrhea.


Care Before Marriage Alone At Home

Before marriage, a woman usually perform a variety of treatments to support his appearance in the body care marriage.before marriage is usually carried out from head to toe, and all of them receive treatment each. Usually women do the treatment at the salon, because it is practical and does not have to bother.

But for those who do not want to do the treatment at the salon there is another way, namely with self-care at home. Here are some marriage body treatments before you can do yourself at home:


  1. Hair Care

Hair is the crown that must be maintained and cared for, especially for women who will soon be married. Hair care can be done firstly by shampooing. When shampooing use a shampoo that is suited to the type of scalp and your hair. You can also use conditioner in order to maximize results.

If do not want to use conditioner, you can replace them with hair hair .Masker masks you can buy in the supermarket, but you can also create your own at home using avocado, aloe vera, or celery.


  1. Face treatment

The face is the first thing which shall be visible when meeting someone, especially when the wedding, the face is the body part most important to get treatment. Facial treatments you can do yourself at home rather than in a salon.

First at night before bed, you can use a night cream. Night cream can help regenerate skin cells, so the skin will be healthier and brighter. In the morning you can wash your face with soap face.after that use a moisturizer to help your face is smooth and damp course.

Wearing masks may also be a body treatment before marriage face very good .Masker can make your skin smooth, bright, and.For own face masks you can buy at the supermarket or make your own at home.

Masks that you can create yourself as a mask cucumber, yam, rice, egg whites, and other .Use mask material at least 2 times a week is good to make your skin look brighter, and will prevent many skin problems.

  1. Body care

Especially for a woman before marriage, body treatments necessary once did .care marriage body before you can do such as massage. Massage can do in salon- salon that provides this service.

With massage will make your skin becomes smooth, supple, and make up your mind becomes fresh. Massage can help blood circulation and relaxes stiff muscles. When your mind is under stress, massage also helps to relieve the stress. Because when our thoughts  relaxing massage.

In addition to several body treatments before marriage on, soak in water warm can be a body treatment that you can do yourself at home. Soaking using warm water will improve blood circulation in the body.

Good luck and hopefully useful.